Welcome to Indian Accent, here in Accent we serve best in Indian cuisine using seasonal ingredients. All our food is prepared from the freshest produce. Curry bases and gravies are made in-house from natural ingredients and spices. We also make our own natural yoghurt and cottage cheese right here. Our chefs have tried to present the most traditional and authentic food in most modern and clean facilities of the modern world. As nature is generous with her many colours and palate. You will find her in the finely blended flavours in all the dishes we present. Our culinary style is both – incredibly simple and cleverly refined. Everything that seems ordinary hides a delightful twist. We have gone to the different parts of India in search of best of Indian Cuisine that we can serve our friends here in New Zealand. We have also crossed the borders to present some Chinese dishes with the bite and spice of India. Some very royal dishes enjoyed by the Moghul kings also enhance the glamour of our menu. Tandoori oven is soul of any Indian Kitchen and it’s our pleasure to have expert chefs in this area and we are confident you will enjoy the magic they will create for you from hot clay ovens. A great meal comes with great service, atmosphere and of course the company. The universal popularity of curry is the delicious proof of east conquering west, on the culinary level. It is a wrong notion that Indian food is “hot”. All the spices and herbs used are not just for flavour and aroma, but for their digestive and nutritional values. So please sit back and relax and let Indian Accent guide you through a memorable dining experience.